My name is Brandon Grech. I’m an Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity at Anderson University (SC). I enjoy creating cybersecurity content that I wish I would’ve experienced when I was initially going through the rigor of learning and breaking into the field of cybersecurity.

I created 316ctf to be a gateway to learning various beginner and intermediate skills in cybersecurity across several domains. A lot of CTFs out there are difficult and even frustrating for beginners, while also being up for a short amount of time. I wanted to create something persistent that was more appropriate for beginners to access, learn from, and complete in its entirety.

Current cybersecurity professionals are confident in their technical aptitude because they’ve “seen it before”. This CTF is designed to give you these first experiences, so when you encounter obstacles later in CTFs or in the field, you’ve seen it before and know you can accomplish the task at hand.

Feel free to reach out and chat if we have not been introduced.

I plan on building more challenges and categories throughout 2024 and beyond.

Your friend,